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CB2 is at 5-7 Norfolk Street, in Cambridge UK. This is the East Road end of Norfolk Street -- between us and East Road is a little shrubbery of landscaping. This end of Norfolk Street is opposite Burleigh Street -- so we are just a couple of minutes' walk from the Grafton Centre and the cinema complex, and about a mile from the nominal centre of Cambridge.

It's a spot with plenty of activity going on, but without the crowding of the city centre -- a level of activity that is lively but not oppressive.


Norfolk Street

Norfolk Street has a mixture of houses and small shops -- a traditional blend that has somehow escaped modern tendencies to divide cities into separate residential and business zones, and so is neither a desert by day nor by night. It reaches from East Road to the largely residential Gwydir Street. Directly opposite CB2 are some flats, with treeful gardens softening the urban aspects of the view from our picture windows.

Mill Road Cemetery

Between Mill Road and Norfolk Street, and East Road and Gwydir Street, lies Mill Road cemetery -- no longer used for new burials, but a quiet spot of open green space in the centre of town.

The centre of town? This area is about a mile from the nominal centre of Cambridge -- but if you draw lines on the map from the northmost point of the built-up part of the city to the southmost point, and from the eastmost to the westmost, you'll find that they cross in Mill Road Cemetery, and so this could be called the dead centre of Cambridge.


East Road

East Road is part of Cambridge's ring road, leading from the corner of Parker's Piece by the Police Station, the Fire Station and the Swimming Pool towards Elizabeth Way bridge over the River Cam.

Its main historical claim to fame is that the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein lived on it (behind Mackays) during his time working in Cambridge.

The most prominent buildings on East Road are the front part of the Cambridge Campus of Anglia Polytechnic University, and the Warner Cinema complex. Also well-known are Jimmy's Nightshelter at Zion Baptist Church; the Istanbul kebab shop; and Mackay's ironmongery and tool shop.


Caroline Place

Caroline Place is the little back street going round to the goods entrance of CB2. St Matthew's Primary School is on Caroline Place.


The nearest...

This area of Cambridge is fairly well-equipped...

Those in Burleigh Street / Fitzroy Street are probably the nearest
Phone box
East Road
Post Office
Burleigh Street
Post Box
Burleigh Street
Bus Stop
Service road to Grafton Centre, off East Road
A J & S mini-super, East Road (open until 23:00?)
Late-night kebab shop
Istanbul, East Road
St Matthews, on St Matthew's Street, or Zion Baptist on East Road
Warner Brothers




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