Night Prayer, 4th March 1996

This service includes times for silent prayer and reflection, a short one after each reading and chant, and a longer time of silence which will be introduced by the chant Holy Spirit, come to us (9).

The psalm will be sung by the cantor while the congregation sing Alleluia (chant 2 on the song sheet).

In the time of intercession, the first two biddings will be sung by the cantor and followed by the Kyrie (chant 3 on the song sheet) sung by all; after that, you are welcome to add your own spoken biddings for prayer, after each of which will be followed by the Kyrie.

5: Bless the Lord, my soul

Psalm 96, sung over chant 2: Alleluia

14: Lord Jesus Christ

Reading: Isaiah 60:1-5

9: Holy Spirit, come to us

Silent prayer

Our Father

Intercessions, with each bidding followed by chant 3: Kyrie

13: In te confido

10: Sing praises, all you peoples

Please feel welcome to continue in prayer when the service itself is over. The service will not end abruptly, but after the last chant, the lights in the rest of the church will be switched on and you will be welcome to meet the Brothers over refreshments at the back of the church.