Taizé service for 1996 March 4th

The service will be at the front of the nave, with benches and prayer stools brought in from St. Andrew's Chapel. There will be an icon, or a cross, on the chancel steps. The rest of the church will be in darkness, but with candles distributed sparsely through it to take up the idea that this is for the start of the preparation in prayer for the Deans' and Chaplains' mission.

We will give out a sheet which will have the chant numbers and a short explanation that there will be times of silence in the service, and will explain when the time for open spoken biddings will be.

Before the service itself starts, there will be some practice of the songs; there will be no spoken introduction to the service.

The chants will be in English where it is given on the sheet.

Readings and songs
First chant 5: Bless the Lord
Psalm 96 cantillated by Julia (who will choose a translation), over 2: Alleluia 8
Second chant 14: Jésus le Christ, lumiere intérieure
Reading Isaiah 60:1-5 RSV, read by Gareth
Third chant 9: Holy Spirit, come to us
Silent prayer
Our Father in modern language, led by John
Biddings 3: Kyrie 10
Open Biddings (or led by Taizé Brothers if they prefer)
Closing chants 13:In te confido
10:Laudate, omnes gentes

At the end of the service, people will be welcome to continue in prayer in the worship area; to mark the end of the service as such, someone will switch on the lights in the rest of the church, starting at the back.

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