Organized religion

I've thought at times about the question ``If it's organized, is it religion?'', and eventually decided ``Yes''... and in fact I am a member of some Church organizations.

I'm actually baptized into the Church of England, but am fairly ecumenical in my outlook, attending services not only in my own tradition, but also Pentecostal, Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox.

I'm an Anglican Tertiary Franciscan, that is member of the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis, which is the `secular' (i.e. not living as a `religious' community) branch of the Society of Saint Francis -- the Franciscan organization in the Church of England.

When I last lived in England, I attended Great St Mary's Church in Cambridge (UK). I now usually go to Limerick City Parish, mostly at St Michael's, but also at St Mary's Cathedral and Abington Church. I also sometimes go to services at Glenstal Abbey.

I'm a member of COIN (Christians on the Internet).

I was on the team at ``The Barn International'', an outreach project to the international students in Cambridge, and was the programme organizer for them.

In July 96, I was on the first fortnight's team for Cambridge International Outreach (CIO).

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