Embedded voice commands

This is part of my emacs voice command system.

Using Dragon Naturally Speaking along with vr-mode, you usually have to pause before and after each command. When issuing a long stream of commands to emacs, this can be awkward and inconvenient, and so I have implemented a embedded-command mode, in which you dictate, in continuous speech, into an Emacs buffer which spots commands and executes them as you dictate them. When doing this, you can mix commands and text be entered -- the words forming the command phrases are removed as they are used. Embedded command mode is a minor mode, so that it can be used with other Emacs modes.

A colour cue system warns you when what you are saying is being detected as a command phrase.

The code for this is in embedded-commands.el and it needs command-phrases.el for some of the underlying functions. To start embedded-commands mode, type M-x toggle-embedded-commands.

You can control embedded-commands-mode using several variables including:

Whether to show the current choices after any unrecognized word.
Whether to show the current choices after every partly-recognized phrase.
Whether to show the current choices after every step of processing.
Words we ignore.
Words that tell the parser to give up on a partially parsed phrase.
Words that trigger a help display.

The phrase tree is generated from the variable vr-commands-registered which is part of my extended version of vr.el, so vr.el must have been set up before setting up embedded-commands-mode.

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