Language-guided editing

Editing by the sense of the text, that is, at a higher-level abstraction than usual, makes better use of bandwidth available. This became Languide, part of Versor.

Languide provides high-level editing commands, such as turning an in-line block of code into a procedure, and substituting a call to the procedure for the original code.

Languide uses a ``plugin'' model to provide definitions for different programming languages, according to the current major mode. The initial release comes with definitions for the Lisp family of languages, and the C family. Support is planned for Perl, Shell, Haskell and Python, but any others could be added readily enough.

Languide is one of a pair of companion packages. The other one, Versor, provides flexible keybindings which can be used to navigate code in terms of its structure. Part of Versor's functionality is provided by the lower-level parts (Navigation) of Languide.

Most of Languide's functionality can be, and normally would be, accessed through Versor, but it is possible to use Languide commands directly.

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