Major mode for reading, and possibly editing, Open Document Format files.
Expand and remove LaTeXery from a file.
Simple major mode for editing diary files, with colouring by day of week.
Find the thing at point, making guesses as to whether it's a filename, a function or whatever.
Apply a command to all files in a directory tree. Goes nicely with replace-regexp-list.el which is also in this directory.
Some generic text commands (needing modal-functions.el from emacs-versor) for inserting markup. The same commands are defined for HTML, TeX, LaTeX etc. They provide similar facilities to html-helper-mode but consistently across several markup-language modes. I should probably re-write this to integrate with AUCTeX.

It also needs gentext-models.el and gentext-bindings.el, and the following mode-specific definition files:

HTML definitions for generic-text.el; they build on html-helper-mode
TeX and LaTeX definitions for generic-text.el. Should add TeXinfo some time too.
TeXinfo definitions for generic-text.el.
groff/nroff/troff definitions for generic-text.el -- not yet written
Plaintext definitions for generic-text.el -- not yet written
Take the number at point, and jump to that place in the other window.
Hyphenate words before and after point. A fairly trivial function, but giving it a name makes it a lot easier when using the voice interface.
Do all replacements in a list. Goes nicely with edit-tree.el which is also in this directory. You might also like to see http://www.wonderworks.com/download/mapreplace.el, which I think is probably by Kyle Jones (going by where it is stored).
Set up find-file-hooks so that when you visit a file, point is positioned at the first non-comment in the file. After all, that's often what I first do by hand, if not looking specifically for a point further down, so might as well automate it.
A difference browser, in the form of a command loop that calls compare-windows repeatedly, letting you make adjustments (moving point in one window or the other) each time it finds a difference.
Insert things in the current buffer.
Update stack comments in a PostScript file
Electric handling of the space key, which avoids putting in the space when Dragon sends one when you don't really want it, such as just inside an open-bracket or an open-quote.
Simple major mode for ``fortune'' source files.
Some simple structured editing -- remember a place, wander round to pick something up (in a recursive edit), and yank it at the remembered place.
Remove duplicate successive lines in a region, like the Un*x "uniq" utility.
Inspired by browse-yank.el -- this package pops up a menu buffer containing the contents of the kill ring, with one entry per line. If you have a large kill ring, and save it between sessions, you can find a lot of useful stuff in it this way! I've meant to tidy this up a bit, for years now, but keep on finding it usable as it is.
Modify (``advise'') kill and yank (cut and paste) functions, to remember the neighbouring whitespace status of things moved around, so that if, for example, you yank something that, when killed or saved, had been at the start of a line, it gets a newline put in ``intelligently''.

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