My favourite books

My favourite books include:


The Enemy; Desmond Bagley
A spy thriller, with an early biotech edge. Excellent characterization.
Pashazade, Effendi, and Felaheen; Jon Courtenay Grimwood
A trio of enigmatic cyberpunk novels, with a genetically modified protagonist.
Setting free the bears John Irving
An amusing and anarchic novel.


A hidden fire; Br Ramon SSF
An excellent introductory book on meditative and contemplative prayer, this is a book that marked a turning-point in my life.
The Road Less Travelled; M. Scott Peck
A book on personal growth and the nature of real friendship; a guide to understanding what it means to be a friend to others and to yourself.
Fullness of Joy; Br Ramon SSF
This started as a deep book about joy, grew into a book about death and eventually into a really deep book about joy. It includes the best survey I've seen of ideas about what happens at and after (and for that matter, before) death of the body.
Black like me; John Howard Griffin
The deeply moving true story of a white journalist who disguised himself as a black man to travel through the southern states of the USA around 1960.
Love -- A Guide to Prayer; Bergman and Schwann
A book of meditations which has for each day a scripture reading, a devotional commentary, and a point to think and pray (meditate) on.


The story of San Michele; Axel Munthe
The autobiography of a doctor in the early 20th century, with many strange rambling thoughts and outspoken ideas.
Genetic programming; John Koza
On the evolution of Lisp functions to solve given problems.
Athletic Ability and the Anatomy of Motion; ?
An excellent explanation of human biomechanics
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language; David Crystal
An fascinating book to keep browsing, covering a wide range of linguistic topics.

You can get my lists of books that I have read, in BibTeX format:

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