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Screening showed that my blood cholesterol is a bit high, and the doctor got me an appointment to see the dietician; so here's a place for me to put cholesterol links, and comments about how much nicer food with lots of lard in it is than all this healthy stuff.

I'd also like to lose quite a bit of weight, and increase in strength and fitness by taking more exercise... My target weight is under 14st (=196lbs) (which I should aim to reach late in November), and my starting weight is 15st 10lbs (=220lbs).

However, I won't use aspartame!


Things to eat

Things to avoid that I used to eat regularly

Further changes to make

Suggested daily diet

Small regular meals are best. Don't aim to lose more than 1 to 2 lbs per week.

Breakfast One of
  • High Fibre cereal e.g. wheat flakes
  • Müsli without added sugar etc, and low on nuts
  • Oats
with semi-skimmed milk
Tea or coffee, with semi-skimmed milk
Mid-morning Banana, apple or other fruit
Lunch One of
  • Brown roll with one of
    • chicken
    • tuna
    • turkey
    and preferably without mayonnaise etc
  • Noodles (flavoured but not with rich soup)
  • Spaghetti (with slice of bread)
  • Vegetable soup -- avoid creamy ones
One of
  • fruit
  • low fat, diet yoghurt
Mid-afternoon Fruit or yoghurt
Evening meal (30 mins before gym) Bread and
  • pasta salad
  • rice salad
Evening snack (after gym) Banana etc
Before bed Home-cooked pasta, beans etc

Questions about the above diet

John C. G. Sturdy
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