Products I recommend

I don't approve of advertising and marketing, and I try to choose things based on people's recommendations. Here are a few things I recommend.

Land Rover vehicles
Versatile and durable. A diesel-driven Land Rover Defender is not only economical to run, but also it is said that a vehicle uses more energy to manufacture it than it will use to power it through its working life, and Land Rovers are one of the longest-lasting vehicles, so that saves energy on making replacements. It's no wonder that Land Rover owners sometimes refer to other makes of all-wheel drive vehicles as "disposables".
Victorinox pen-knives
I did go without one of these for a while, but I could do a lot more with one.


Mackays of Cambridge
An excellent tool and engineering supplies shop.

Eating places

This one I have a connection with (my brother founded and part-owns it) but I'd recommend it anyway, along with his café, CB1.


Co-operative Bank
A bank with an ethical policy.
Mills and Reeve Solicitors
Competent and helpful. Having been helped by them, I changed my opinion of what lawyers are about, from the typical stereotype, to people who are there to help you (for a price, of course) with legal problems.

Computing equipment

Comfort Keyboard
A very adjustable split keyboard.
Xkeys pedals
Good for Emacs use, or anything else with a lot of modifier keys.
Logitech Trackman Marble / Wheel
Much more comfortable than a mouse.


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John C. G. Sturdy
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