Notes made from memory some time after a talk (by ? Fenwick) about scientific evidence for the efficacy of prayer.

The researcher Henri Peoch imprinted some chicks on a simple `robot' vehicle, which was controlled by a random number generator to do a random walk in a tank with two partitioned sections, one containing the chicks and the other the robot.

Although the normal expectation would be for the time the robot spent in each area of the tank to be roughly equal, it showed a strong bias towards being near the chicks. Repeating the experiment with random numbers recorded six months previously and held for that time on a disk in a safe, similar results occurred, and when the random number sequence was analyzed, the part used for the control was found to be normal, and the part used for the experiment with the chicks was found to be `faulty'. These results, if plausible, seem to suggest that the world is not entirely as it superficially seems to be; and are compatible with there being some unseen agent of universal compassion.