Things I've been editing recently

This page is really for my own convenience, to help me to keep track of which changes I've transferred to the server. (t) against an entry means I've edited it more recently than I've transferred it; (t) means I've transferred it since I edited it. Pages marked with (n) are not for transfer as yet... perhaps awaiting my considering them worth releasing! (This way, I can mix in jottings and notes with the actual page files.) Since I've got a butterfly mind, I jot down ideas as they occur to me (while waiting for compiles etc -- much more civilized than using Usenet to fill those temporal gaps!) and since my NT box at work doesn't seem to have anything like unix's find . -newer updated ... this seems the best way of keeping track of which pages I have jotted things on recently.

This file is edited automatically by my recent-changes.el program; it's fairly safe to edit manually, though. The rules are that each item in the list of pages should occupy a single line in the HTML source, and that the link should be intact; the anchor text can be anything (as long as it doesn't contain a newline).

Changes move automatically to the end of the list as I make them.

To do: Thoughts directory pages could do with links back to an index page for the directory.

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