Hut life

Sometimes I think of buying a good-quality garden shed, probably of the ``chalet'' variety (i.e. with a verandah) to live, work and pray in for some or all of the time.

What would I want (and what would I need) for living, working, and praying like that? What must I decide, to keep the good side of it and not have it become a miniature version of an ordinary, consumerist ``little box on the hillside, made out of ticky-tacky''?

First, the material. There feels something right about wooden buildings. Also, they use renewable resources. They may also be easier to get planning permission for, as they count more as ``temporary''.

Then, economy of use of resources for heating: it should be insulated appropriately for its location.


Since I work largely with computers, I'd have a computer in the hut; however, I wouldn't want technology to take over. It makes sense to pick one of the laptops that will run directly from 12V, so that what electrics there are in the hut can be built around commonly-available batteries.

John C. G. Sturdy
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