Simplicity and Poverty

In How basic a lifestyle could I aim for? I suggest a very simple way of living, and raise the question of whether this makes a plaything of the poverty that afflicts much of the world's population. This is an important question, worth an article in its own right.

One of the big differences is that this is a voluntary choice.

Perceived and real poverties

Another point is that for some, the poverty they perceive themselves as suffering from is related to their materialistic desires -- that they value themselves according to the possessions. This kind of ``poverty'' is simply not being as well-off as one would like to be, which may well be in comparison with others -- simply jealousy. This is a powerful form of poverty, all-devouring, as in a view like this, there is always more in sight to be desired.

However, for many, poverty is thrust on them, by structures or circumstance, and it is deep poverty, in which resources they need for anything more than the most basic survival are not available to them.

John C. G. Sturdy
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