Errors in logic

This is a list of common, and disheartening, mistakes people make in thinking about things. The idea is to learn to spot when you're making these mistakes, and to become able to stop them as you spot them.
Dichotomous reasoning
All-or-nothing thinking, thinking in mutually exclusive categories e.g. ``If I'm not on top, I'm a flop''
Drawing a general conclusion on the basis of a single incident e.g. ``Nothing ever goes right for me''
Selective abstraction (mental filter)
Conceptualising a whole situation on the basis of one detail taken out of context e.g. ``you missed a bit up there''
Discounting the positive
Positive/neutral -> negative; negative -> negative+++ (gold into lead) e.g. ``He's only saying that to be kind''
Arbitrary inference (jumping to conclusions)
Forming an interpretation of an event in the absence of supporting evidence / presence of contradictory evidence e.g. ``They'll think I'm boring'' (mind-reading); ``It'll never work'' (fortune-telling).
Magnification/minimisation (binocular trick)
Overemphasizing negatives / underemphasising positives e.g. ``Something terrible is going to happen. There's nothing I can do about it.''
Emotional reasoning
Using feelings as a basis for judgements and ignoring other factors e.g. ``If I feel it, it must be true.''
Shoulds, oughts, musts (musturbation)
Using self-commands and duty as prime motivators e.g. ``I should be over this by now''; Refusing to accept reality e.g. ``Things shouldn't be this way''
Global judgements
Assuming that the value of a person can be equated witha single action; reacting to the label rather than the event e.g. ``He's a complete bastard'' (labelling); ``This is terrible'' (awfulizing)
Assuming responsibility for events beyond one's control e.g. ``My fault they didn't enjoy my party''
John C. G. Sturdy
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John C. G. Sturdy
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