Statics and dynamics of personal change

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Changing, in a direction we choose, is often a slow process, and yet we are able to influence ourselves and are very flexible, and so it is reasonable toexpect change to be possible. So what are the normal boundaries of what we can change by our effort, and what are usually the obstacles? I have some ideas about what some of them may be.

  1. Misunderstanding the change that is needed
  2. Using the wrong technique
  3. Being only partly forwards-motivated

[Do we sometimes think we haven't changed, because the end-point is the same as the starting-point?]

2.2 is a form of 1.4; for 1.4 in general, it's noticeable that time spent on the wrong route delays starting on the right one, alhtough two routes may overlap in time for a considerable changeover period.

Change must be at a deep enough level to be naturally permanent; surface changes are undone by unchanged deeper level - in effect, they spring back. (Does locking up a burglar make her honest?) Is a change in performance, pushed by a change in intent, but without a change in attitude, morally what counts?

But what of the more practical side of change?

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