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Some thoughts on Eden thoughts/essays/Eden.html(379/1280) stub
Activity thoughts/essays/activity.html(1598/2534) stub
Affectivity thoughts/essays/affectivity.html(3605/4572) stub
Analysis of annoyance at my analysis of annoyances. thoughts/essays/anananan.html(1361/2284) stub
Anger thoughts/essays/anger.html(4162/5164) stub
Two approaches to life's problems thoughts/essays/approaches.html(1002/2268) stub
On morals and machines thoughts/essays/artificial-morality.html(2182/3119) stub
Irritation on receiving sympathy that seems condescending thoughts/essays/bad-sympathy.html(1582/2512) stub
Bare feet on the ground thoughts/essays/bare-feet-on-ground.html(2743/3683) stub
The basics (forwarding pointer) thoughts/essays/basics.html(447/1349) stub
The burden of responsibility, and how people respond to it thoughts/essays/burden.html(461/1362) stub
Small talk thoughts/essays/chitchat.html(1466/2388) stub
Consciousness thoughts/essays/consciousness.html(540/1446) stub
The fragility of peace under constraint thoughts/essays/constraint.html(1903/2830) stub
Continuum and discrete points thoughts/essays/continuum.html(764/1675) stub
Contrariness thoughts/essays/contrariness.html(564/1469) stub
Creativity thoughts/essays/creativity.html(331/1232) stub
A shallow look at depth thoughts/essays/depth.html(743/1652) stub
Stubbornness, and why some people don't like determination in others thoughts/essays/determination.html(479/1379) stub
Disgust thoughts/essays/disgust.html(1177/2099) stub
``Don't be judgemental'' -- what do people really mean by this? thoughts/essays/dont-be-judgemental.html(78/1357) stub
Christian religious doubt thoughts/essays/doubt.html(389/1291) stub
Thoughts about ``recreational'' drug users and society. thoughts/essays/drug-use.html(2229/3180) stub
The importance of making an effort thoughts/essays/effort.html(407/1307) stub
Entropy thoughts/essays/entropy.html(7993/9050) stub
Stubs for essays thoughts/essays/essay-stubs.html(1937/2867) stub
Status table of my essays directory thoughts/essays/essay-table-old.html(17064/18313) stub
Status table of my essays directory thoughts/essays/essay-table.html(17126/10569) stub
Evolution thoughts/essays/evolution.html(2397/3337) stub
False freedom thoughts/essays/false-freedom.html(704/1612) stub
On people made frigid by the fear of being used (instead of valued?) thoughts/essays/fear-of-being-used.html(3371/4340) stub
Free will thoughts/essays/free-will.html(762/1672) stub
Friendship thoughts/essays/friendship.html(962/1878) stub
Frotters thoughts/essays/frotters.html(3325/4275) stub
Gated communities and graffiti thoughts/essays/gated-communities.html(45/1236) stub
Giving and taking: is that what matters? thoughts/essays/give-take.html(1366/2290) stub
Hand in glove thoughts/essays/hand-in-glove.html(449/1354) stub
On soldier termites and honeypot ants thoughts/essays/honeypot.html(3063/4015) stub
Harm, Retribution and Forgiveness thoughts/essays/hrf.html(1492/2417) stub
So who're you calling stupid, then? thoughts/essays/idiots.html(2260/3207) stub
Inanity thoughts/essays/inanity.html(302/1462) stub
Partnership and independence thoughts/essays/indepartner.html(1717/2652) stub
Full index of my essays directory thoughts/essays/index-all.html(3308/4447) stub
Essays thoughts/essays/index.html(15892/16749) always in progress long ago
Representation and interpretation thoughts/essays/intent-extent.html(477/1385) stub
Sexuality and innocence: overlaps and boundaries thoughts/essays/just-friends.html(3855/4823) stub
Links to related topics thoughts/essays/links.html(330/1521) stub
Aloneness and loneliness thoughts/essays/loneliness.html(3108/4058) stub
Annoyance at people looking over my shoulder and leading to me feeling that they may comment on what I'm doing thoughts/essays/looking-over-shoulder.html(1204/2119) stub
Love thoughts/essays/love.html(3395/4369) stub
Lying societies thoughts/essays/lying-societies.html(1371/2295) stub
Measurements thoughts/essays/measurements.html(135/1369) in progress
The significant non-emergence of self-awareness thoughts/essays/merton-selfref-1.html(11296/12481) stub
People needing to control others (to their hurt) to feel happy themselves thoughts/essays/need-to-control-others.html(2684/3632) stub
I don't want to discuss it thoughts/essays/no-discussion.html(2542/3496) stub
Men having no right to reply against women thoughts/essays/no-right-to-reply.html(1011/1927) stub
Noisy people thoughts/essays/noisy.html(3393/4361) stub
Why do we not want to co-operate with someone who wants something very much? thoughts/essays/nolovolo.html(2496/3448) stub
Genuine loving Relationships thoughts/essays/pairing.html(6408/7464) stub
Perseverance: patience and determination thoughts/essays/perseverance.html(422/1322) stub
The pain of the petty rebel -- do they have free will in practice? thoughts/essays/petty-rebellion.html(662/1569) stub
``Please accept me'' -- what do people really mean by this? thoughts/essays/please-accept-me.html(74/1349) stub
``Please listen to me'' -- what do people really mean by this? thoughts/essays/please-listen-to-me.html(77/1355) stub
Ideas about two kinds of pleasure thoughts/essays/pleasures.html(7339/8362) stub
Social justice and politics. thoughts/essays/politics.html(4440/5410) stub
A reflection on (or rather, a reification of) the relationship between our higher and our lower natures. thoughts/essays/reify-high-low.html(2964/3914) stub
Relationship tension: between closeness and closedness thoughts/essays/relationship-tension.html(6294/7305) stub
Why I am unromantic thoughts/essays/romance.html(3122/4091) stub
Self-control: to be superb thoughts/essays/self-control.html(5777/6788) stub
Conditions on the development of self-reference in evolutionary systems thoughts/essays/selfref-non-evolve.html(1678/2609) stub
A deep look at shallowness thoughts/essays/shallow.html(3682/4641) stub
Some thoughts on sharing (pointer) thoughts/essays/sharing.html(489/1396) stub
Shoppers thoughts/essays/shoppers.html(1549/2474) stub
Short cuts to happiness thoughts/essays/shortcuts.html(705/1625) stub
The ability to slide up and down the tower of structural fields thoughts/essays/slide.html(819/1734) stub
Parasitism on strong personalities thoughts/essays/social-parasitism.html(829/1739) stub
Social soteriology thoughts/essays/social-soteriology.html(6739/7767) stub
Social stops thoughts/essays/social-stops.html(408/1313) stub
Society thoughts/essays/society.html(1105/2024) stub
Space and movement thoughts/essays/space.html(1885/2827) stub
People using others to affirm themselves (Annoyance at being used by someone to make them feel that you're accepting them) thoughts/essays/squeezing-affirmation.html(2886/3840) stub
Being loving while having high standards thoughts/essays/strict-love.html(2662/3615) stub
Structure and presentation thoughts/essays/struct-present.html(1694/2621) stub
What is ``sympathy'', and what do people want when they ask for it? thoughts/essays/sympathy.html(138/1435) stub
Television and the couch potato thoughts/essays/television.html(346/1246) stub
Time, things, existence and creation thoughts/essays/time.html(3897/4884) stub
Tourists (and why typical ones annoy me) thoughts/essays/tourists.html(2706/3671) stub
Our view of God, and God's view of us thoughts/essays/tower-theologic.html(720/1632) stub
The meta-system tower and its grounding thoughts/essays/tower.html(5790/6789) stub
On the under-standing thoughts/essays/under-standing.html(373/1275) stub
Unwanted admirers, what to make of them, how to handle them thoughts/essays/unwanted-admirers.html(8697/9737) stub
People who will resort to taking hold of power unfairly available to them if needed to get their own way thoughts/essays/using-any-means.html(539/1447) stub
Merged thoughts/essays/using-others-to-accept-you.html(481/1385) stub
Wholism thoughts/essays/wholism.html(851/1766) stub
What I would look for in a girl to marry thoughts/essays/wifespec.html(4740/5746) stub

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