Is it more blessed to give than to receive? A look at what real prosperity is.

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A simple view of prosperity or wealth is that it is the holding of a lot of resources that are available for you to use as you please.

To lose resources in the hope of helping things to be the way you think is better is to make a sacrifice, which could imply some kind of bargaining (we pay something to God, he does something for us) but that seems silly, as God already has everything and surely doesn't need our gifts... so perhaps it could imply we think that if we forgo something that we'd like (i.e. make ourselves a bit less happy or comfortable) he will then do somthing for us... as though he's happy when we're not quite as happy as we could be. But the Bible says: ``What I desire is obedience, not sacrifice''; and ``The sacrifices of God are a broken heart and a contrite spirit.''

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