More and more, the metric system is being forced on us, regardless of whether we want it.

I suppose it could be said to be more ``inclusive'', in that it is dumbed down.

It seems to be being put forward as more international than the imperial system -- and yet it is in fact one nation's system, whereas the imperial system is international.

Our masters would have us believe that the new system is superior, whereas in fact it has flaws which the old system did not. The inch, for example, is a much more natural basic unit of measurement; giving measurements in mm when they are not accurate to mm is a show of imaginary precision.

10 is one of the worst multiples that we could have; it is not as conveniently and usefully dividable as 12. (However, it is convenient for counting on the fingers, for those who need that; and so, it is more ``inclusive''. )

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