Some thoughts on the Recording Industry and File Sharing

Don't pirate, but don't support someone worse than pirates.

Don't steal, but don't encourage bullies.

Go to concerts. Go to pubs with live bands.

Support bands who let you record them live.

Buy from recording companies that are independent of the recording industry associations.

Learn an instrument. Or learn to sing. Form a band.

Make an instrument.

Design a new kind of instrument.

Compose your own music. Write your own lyrics.

If you're good, release your music for free on the net.

Bring music back to the people -- keep traditions alive.

The ``recording industry'' will probably continue, whatever sensible people do, because much of the population craves idols, who must be rich (celebrities) and so will attract parasites (the recording industry) as well as gormless worshippers. Such idols must be largely devoid of real talent, so their fans can associate with them. (People with talent don't need someone to follow anyway.)

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