Space and movement

Just as some things exist within time, some things exist within space. (It may be true that all things that exist in space are also in time.)

Like time, space may be regarded as discrete points or as a continuum.

The division of space

A series of adjacent points may be regarded as a region of space. All points between points in a region are also in the region.

The division of space is by vectors, not by scalars. Space as known to the author is divided by a vector consisting of three scalars.

The measure of space

Just as the existence of a thing is spread over an interval of time, it is spread also over a region of space. An observer may observe two or more regions to be equivalent in one or more elements of the vectors describing the region. As with intervals of time, measurement of space by an observer is in terms of scalar multiples of a chosen unit vector.


At different times, the thing may exist in adjacent regions of space. In overlapping time intervals, it will occupy overlapping space regions. A thing which at some time is in some place and at another time is in another place is said to be moving.

Spatial movement, unlike time progression, is not monotonic. A thing may return to a region that it has been in before but has left.


The rate at which a thing moves is described as the number of space unit distances it traverses in each time unit interval.

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