Sometimes there is more than one way, some constructive and some destructive, and sometimes there are ways between the ways.

The Book of Proverbs has many charicatures of ``The Fool'' -- the person who will not learn or change, possibly being proud of the way they already are. It warns:

Even if you grind a fool with pestle and mortar, you cannot separate them from their foolishness.
However, the book does bother to give these warnings, as though in hope that some set on the way of foolishness will not yet be committed to it fully, and hence may yet learn. I write these pages in the hope of furthering that aim, in the light of my observations of myself and others -- for I myself know what it is like to start to be pulled off the way of the fool. Where I write disparagingly of the ways some people are, it is not without having been some of those ways myself.

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