What I wish I had thought when younger

This page is meant mostly as advice or hints to intelligent (or other non-standard) people in the sensitive age range of 5 to 25.

I often felt left out of things when I was younger, because I was ``different''. I tended to assume that ``different'' meant inferior; of course, it mostly meant I was more intelligent and more responsible than most of my peers. It led to me being depressed.

If an adult / older person is angry with you, the problem is as likely to be with them as with you. The more often they are angry with you, the likelier it is to be their problem.

I tended not to believe good things such as people being friends with me, because I weighed it up in the context of being mostly rejected as ``different''. However, I should have weighed such positive things up in their own right.

John C. G. Sturdy
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