Cambridgeshire Land Rover contacts

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list -- feel free to mail me more useful contacts and I may well include them. Not all of them are strictly in Cambridgeshire but are generally in East Anglia.


Pip Rooke (Site Services)
A workshop in Barton, on the corner of Haslingfield Road and the A603
M J Rolls
Agricultural and Motor Engineer in Bourn
Eastlands? garage in Cottenham
Can't remember the name for sure. Does MOT tests.
Mo's Motors in Fenstanton 01480-300550
Does MOT tests, including the truck tests needed for a 110 with heavy-duty suspension

Parts Suppliers

M J Rolls
Wide range of parts, near cost price
The official dealer
Wilco 01223-355113
General automotive parts
Discount Autoparts
On Newmarket Road -- not specifically Land Rovers
H Gee
Electrical / electronics shop on Mill Road, good for switches etc
D Mackay
Engineering shop and ironmongers on East Road -- useful for metals and tools
Simpers Ropeworks
Good for ropes, tarpaulins etc


Over Land Rover Group
Meets in a pub at Over, 20:00, second Wednesday of each month



Pro Trax 0973-116681
Off-road driver training
Stan Heggs 01536-202908
Skid pan
John C. G. Sturdy
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