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A while ago, as an emacs enthusiast, I had the sudden realization that Land Rovers are emacs on wheels, and knew what my next vehicle had to be... so asked various friends for advice on choosing a Land Rover, and bought one just before my previous car wore out. (The third thing that I'd categorize along with Land Rovers and Emacs is the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.)

Advantages of owning a Land Rover

A Land Rover has great advantages over a car:

  • it carries more
  • is far safer
  • is far more durable
  • it can go cross-country
  • a LWB (Long Wheel-Base) model is large enough to camp in
  • can carry bikes in the back without taking the wheels off
  • Land Rover drivers are nice people, and usually wave to each other in passing -- it's like one big club
  • is convertible to open top (for hard-top (like mine) and soft-top models)
  • has a large roof-rack (large enough and strong enough to carry a small car)
  • the roof-rack is usable for camping on
  • it can ascend, traverse (just) and descend 45-degree slopes
  • has more charisma per wheel nut than most vehicles have altogether

I have also made an HPV rack to carry my recumbent HPV.

Why drive a Land Rover?

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