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Land Rover with tent

I have set my Land-Rover up for camping. The main accessory for this is an Eezi-Awn rooftop tent, which fits onto the roofrack. I keep it there as a permanent fitting; I had the roofrack extended forwards to keep a useful amount of general carrying space. I've used the tent quite a bit, and it is very comfortable. The canvas cover it came with slightly fiddly, and was tedious in bad weather; so I have (with help) put together a larger cover on a frame, which simply flips aside.

The tent is easily wide enough for two; so it should be possible for four people to camp altogether in the vehicle plus tent... or with the optional rear awning under the tent, that would be six... and with side awnings, even more!

There is enough room in the tent to store bedding in it when it is closed.

[Opening the tent]

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to see tent opening

As is typical for me, I've started to modify the tent. I have removed the ladder that it came with (I didn't like the way that one end of the tent was supported relative to the ground and the other part relative to a vehicle that can sway in a high wind), I've added some struts so its overhang can be supported from the rear bumper rather than the ground, so the two end of the tent won't move relative to each other. They unfold into place automatically as I open the tent, rather than having to go below to put them together. I've run a plastic pipe up through the roof of the vehicle and the floor of the tent, bringing up hot air from an old Mini heater set low down in the Land-Rover. I've also brought wiring up into the tent, and fitted a flourescent light.

I have also fitted a second battery, which can be isolated for overnight use (so the main battery is still fresh for starting the engine); and a gas cartridge cooker mounting on a fold-out table. There is a folding table mounted on the inside of the back door, for eating, writing etc.

John C. G. Sturdy
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