John's tinkering

I will modify just about anything that's modifiable (emacs, attitudes, Land Rover, diet, house, lifestyle, bike, physique...), and also make and mend practical things as far as I can (for example, I can have a fair go at joinery -- I made most of my furniture at home). Give me a hammer, a screwdriver, some screws, some nails, a drill, a plane, some sandpaper, some glue, some wood, some bits of old car tyre, and I'll be happy for hours. Also, some wax, needle and thread (I reckon I'm pretty good at sewing -- more of the practical type than the decorative type, though, although I can embroider), old bicycle spokes (yes, I build my own wheels, of course!), rawlplugs, a couple of saws, drill bits, pencil, string, and a tape measure. I even made some of my own furniture, and my bike, and my trike, and my larger cycle trailer, and a fancy lighting system for them. And I made some of my musical instruments, too. Why buy something, when you can have much more fun making it yourself?

I've now embarked on the restoration of an ASR33 teletype for CB1, which could be quite a big tinker.

Early days

The first things I played with were plugs, sockets and adapters, and the first thing I said was ``Lock on'' (by which I meant ``Plug in''. When I was still in my pram, I leant out and undid all the wing nuts on another baby's pram!

John C. G. Sturdy
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