Cross-country driving with Land-Rovers

This is distinct from green laning, which very definitely should be non-damaging.

Off-road driving can be non-damaging... or you can arrange use of land which you can chew up -- either commercially, in a pay-and-play setup, or, for example, the time a farmer let the local club play in a field he was about to have mole-drained -- and it needed it!

Land-Rover stuck in a muddy field

Here my Land-Rover is thoroughly stuck in soft earth. It took about an hour to winch out (fortunately my winch is driven from the gearbox, none of these electrical toys for me), a distance of 37 yards, and it took the winch cable doubled back over a snatch block, as the 3500lb pull of the winch wasn't enough by itself. After I was out, the organizer told me he had got a 130hp tractor stuck near there a few days earlier -- and it had rained since then!

John C. G. Sturdy
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