Vocabulary files

For a long time I've been interested in languages, and have learnt (and am still learning) several, although none of them to great depth. This page will eventually head a collection of language notes.

I care about continuing use of local and minority languages, and am interested in the similarities and differences between languages.

It is possible to learn several languages at once (not that I really have the time) but there seems to be a consensus that learning related languages at the same time is counterproductive.

Notes on individual languages

Language-related software

I've started to write some language-related software (in Emacs-Lisp), but it's pretty rudimentary so far. It handles multi-lingual dictionaries in spreadsheet (csv) format. You can pick it up from Sourceforge as MuLVoc (Multi-Lingual Vocabulary).

Grammar notes

I have started to work on an XML DTD for descriptions about language grammar. Please contact me if you're interested in such things.

I have started to produce a BibTex file of my language reading. I've put it on the web in case it turns out to be useful for anyone other than myself -- no point in hoarding information!

Programming languages

My preferred language for most purposes is Lisp.

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