Notes on Polish grammar and morphology


1 2 3(m) 3(f) 3(n) 1 2 3(m) 3(f) 3(n)
Nominative ja ty on ona ono my wy oni oni ono
Possessive (of m) mój twój jego nasz wasz ich
Possessive (of f) moja twoja jej nasza wasza ich
Possessive (of n) moje twoje jego nasze wasze ich


Singular Plural
1 2 3 1 2 3
In -ać
Present -am -asz -a -amy -acie -ają
Miec (to have)
Present mam masz ma mamy macie mają


Demonstratives and Interrogatives

This ten ta to
That tamten tamta tamto
Which one? który która które
What kind? jaki jaka jakie
Whose? czyj czyja czyje


Sentence Subject Verb Object
Noun phrase Adjective Noun

Note: I am an amateur enthusiast about languages, and not a linguist. I don't know this language in depth, and these notes have come entirely or almost entirely from learning from books. I made these notes for my convenience, because I don't like ploughing through the verbiage around the actual information in typical language books; I've put them here in case others with the same preference find them useful.

I'd very much welcome corrections and clarifications, especially from native speakers.

If you want a definitive answer on something, you should find someone who knows the language properly!

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