Naturism: introduction

In what I'd consider a mature society, things would be used only as and when appropriate... including clothes.

Almost obligatory aside: It is customary for web pages mentioning naturism and nudism to point out that it is not particularly connected with sex; if you're not convinced, try going to your local nudist beach, sunspot or club! For the first short while after you first let people see you naked, you may be rather self-conscious but I think almost everyone who tries it soons finds themselves thinking of swimsuits as really rather ridiculous and wonders why anyone ever bothers with them.

Even outerdoors

I suppose naturism is a natural extension of being outdoors!

There's little more delightful when you've been walking up hills and down valleys on a hot sunny day than finding a pool in a cool stream and simply stripping off and jumping in... and then lying back on the grass or rocks to dry while the insects chirrup around you (OK, they land on you and sting you and bite you too, but never mind, this is meant to sound idyllic). in much of Europe (more so than in the US, it seems) it's OK to swim, etc, with nothing on, this being on a continuous spectrum from being fussy about changing through to it being quite normal not to be at all bothered (c.f. the Finnish sauna). It's lovely to be able to take the opportunity to enjoy God's creation in the way we were originally made... pity about the ozone hole we made, though.

No fuss...

Some people make a major thing of naturism... I just think it's natural, and wish that people wouldn't make so much fuss against the bodies God has made as part of us... we've all got one, of one kind or another, and it really doesn't seem something to make a fuss about.

Give it a try!

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