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By its name, naturism that suggests that it is a philosophy of a ``Return to nature''. In practice, this primarily -- or often, only -- refers to return to our natural state of bodily covering and exposure that is, completely visible. Often, there may be an element of ``getting away from it all'', and the atmosphere is usually natural and informal.

I myself regard this as pleasant and enjoyable in itself -- see my introduction to naturism.

However, I think there is more naturism than simply nudity: it is hardly ``back to nature'' to go on a ``naturist'' holiday in a sophisticated setting with over-packaged food, for example.

Another sense in which we can interpret the word ``naturism'' is that of going back to our own true nature, closer to the way we were created to be.

Some people seem to regard social nudity as a big problem. So, what might actually be wrong with it? It seems to me that he/she is here are actually nothing to do with physical nakedness -- see my essay on the morality of naturism.


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