Naturism and religion

Some people expect naturism to conflict with my religious views (some people say ``If we were meant to be naked, we'd be born that way!''), but that is far from the case; and I'm becoming inclined to say that there is something shameful about our attitude to clothing and our bodies, as though we're saying ``That's not good enough for me'' about the bodies with which God made us. I've started to write an essay on Eden -- Adam and Eve and the real meaning of the fall story (just a draft so far, I'm afraid -- this is a tricky assignment!).

In brief, it seems obvious to me that there is nothing inherently bad about public nudity... there is a risk of leading gawkers astray where clothing is optional, but if everyone is nude, people soon settle down and it is very equalizing!

God hates nothing that He has made (remember the story of Peter and the ``unclean'' animals[Acts 10:9-16]!); That which is wrong is not the things we see (although they can tempt us to do wrong) but what proceeds from deep within our hearts[Mark 7:17-23]. There is however the matter of not putting temptation in the way of those easily tempted... and the best way to do that seems to be to stop treating any part of our bodies as a matter for covering up and a subject for smutty jokes.

If only more Christians would be as keen on absorbing God's love as sunbathers are on absorbing the sunlight -- and God is gentler than the sun! One does sometimes notice people with spiritual tan lines ;-) (Actually the explanation for that may be quite simply that things people don't address about themselves are less likely to be wholesome and mature.)

Since we took up clothing as an effect of the Fall, it seems appropriate to regard it as no longer necessary once saved!

Organized naturist Christianity

There have at times been ``Adamite'' groups within the Church; there were some in Renaissance England (although with the weather being what it has been for the last few centuries, I don't think they lasted very long). It sounds like an interesting experiment to try again... but perhaps not all year round (although I am reckoned hardier than most when it comes to air temperatures!)

I've also heard of attempts at organizing a naturist church, but I don't think that is still going... I'll write about it if I do find it!

I'm wondering about organizing a free beach mission in the summer... some people who describe themselves as naturists are genuinely ``spiritual'' but have not yet found Christ.

A suitable part to keep covered?

According the Letter of St James, the tongue is the troublesome part of the body. Perhaps an appropriate ``minimum decency garment'' would be not a G-string but a gag?

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