Back to our true nature?

As well as being in some way ``back to nature'', could naturism be a way ``back to our true nature''?

Some (those for whom there is an absolute link between nudity and sex) might take this the wrong way -- as being back to a nature of uncontrolled lust; but I don't think that this is our true nature; I believe that God made us in his image, and that we are part not only of the animal kingdom (biologically speaking; and let us not be vegetable; nor mineral hearted!) but are also citizens of the kingdom of heaven.

So could there be anything in naturism which helps us back towards this? My feeling is that there is, although it can take some time for each of us to discover it.

One of the simpler elements in this is that it encourages a move towards accepting our own bodies, rather than regarding them as something to be hidden. In parallel with this, there is a gentle acceptance of other people's bodies, rather than regarding them as something to be found, and perhaps classified like specimens. Following sometime after this, and with further grace, can come acceptance of the rest of ourselves, and of each other.

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