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I used to live in South Cambridgeshire; the local government there is such a public nuisance that I'm relieved to have left!

Bike ban

This is the first unpopular decision I can remember them forcing on residents: banning cycling in the city centre (where it had long been a popular means of transport).


The council have recently imposed the use of wheelie bins; it appears that (no doubt remembering how unpopular they were when introduced years ago in Cambridge City) they asked a small and carefully selected sample of people before presenting the change as a fait accompli.

Council use of illegal pesticides

Some time ago, I saw in a small newspaper (which I suspect lasted just the one issue) that the County or District Council had asked a verge-spraying contractor to use a pesticide which had already been banned (I think it may have been lindane) and, when he refused to do this and tried to publicize it, they got the courts to put some kind of gagging order on him. I'd be interested to hear quite which councillors or council officials made this order in the first place, and what their motives were; and how they feel they can justify using the courts to try to cover their illegal activities.

John C. G. Sturdy
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