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I was born in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, and we moved to Wells, Somerset when I was about 2, for a year or so. Then we moved to Cambridge, where I was brought up, and also went to university for my first degree. After that, I went to Bath, Somerset (only that part of it was officially called Avon at the time) to the university there, living mostly in digs in the villages of Freshford (at first), then briefly (in the summer) in a tunnel at the top of a beautiful valley called the Vilet (because it had a clearing shaped like a fillet of fish, I think) between Freshford and Hinton Charterhouse, and then Limpley Stoke. After that, I moved back to Cambridgeshire, and lived in the village of Hardwick, in a small house on St. Neot's Road . After that, I moved to Limerick, Ireland, where I live in a fairly remote house near one of the surrounding villages.

In my school years, family holidays were usually on the Quantocks in Somerset; now I sometimes go down to that area, and to Exmoor (one of my overall favourite places; some friends used to live near there, too); or sometimes I go down to Cornwall, where a friend of mine is from.

When I go on retreat, (which when I was a franciscan Tertiary I was vowed to do at least once a year) for choice I go to Glasshampton Monastery SSF.

I moved from England to Ireland in 2003, and back in 2010.

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