John's computing experience

School [BASIC, FORTRAN II, 6502 assembler, COBOL]
I was one of the first computer users in our school. We had an Apple II, and a small group of us (myself included) interfaced that to an ASR33 teletype. The school let us do an external A-level in Computer Science, at CCAT (now Anglia Polytechnic University). I spent some of my spare time designing a microcoded CPU architecture, which of course I didn't have the resources to build.
Graphical Software Limited [BCPL, x86 assembler, PERQ microcode]
A small company writing operating systems, tools and a word processor. I worked here in my gap year, between school and university. This is where I first did any commercial programming.
Cambridge University [BCPL, Pascal, Modula-3, 370 assembler, Lisp, Snobol, Zed, FORTRAN, COBOL]
Here I did my first degree in computer science.
Imperial Software Technology [Orion Microcode]
A vac job between first and second degrees.
Bath University [Lisp, C, BCPL]
I did my PhD here.
Harlequin [Lisp, C, PostScript, Shell, Make, C++]
I worked here for about 10 years.
Unigraphics [C]
I worked here for two years.
The Sanger Institute [C]
I worked here for a year, and was then dismissed because of my RSI.
University of Limerick [Lisp, Prolog, Java]
I was a postdoctoral research fellow on the project B4-step in the Computer Science and Information Systems Department at the University of Limerick in Ireland. I then went on to work on some Irish-language-related computing projects.

John C. G. Sturdy
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