Status table for my religious pages

Titlefilename(content/total size)statusstarted
A brief selection of Bible passages Bible-brief.html(4085/4910) complete 95?
Some Bible references that I've selected Bible-refs.html(21208/22478) fairly complete summer 94?
John's thoughts on some Bible passages Bible-thoughts.html(33808/35469) could always do with more summer 95?
Christian Cognitive Therapy CCT.html(4226/5089) sketchy July 96, from an earlier idea
Christianity 2000 Christianity_2000.html(22813/24233) complete 94?
Some thoughts on Eden Ed2.html(84/779) not known ?
Some thoughts on Eden Eden.html(8071/8967) sketchy 95 Jul 06
Who was St. Francis? Francis.html(242/986) stub 95?
QUICUNQUE VULT, Commonly called the Creed of Saint Athanasius QV-tabular.html(9590/10528) needs further work August 96
John's Rule of Life Rule.html(2143/3015) might be revised 1987
The Sermon Revisited Sermon-Revisited.html(27829/29518) complete 94?
The Servant Songs Servant_Songs.html(1599/2313) stub 94?
Some advice to hermits, from a book advice-to-hermits.html(453/1170) enough for now 93?
back+tempt.html back+tempt.html(3889) not known ?
John's beliefs beliefs.html(4667/5477) always in progress 95?
Christian religious doubt doubt.html(3554/4365) complete 96?
Listening in Church earshear.html(1031/1742) stub 96
My yoke is easy, my burden is light easyyoke.html(108/885) stub 96 Jan 11, from earlier idea
Free beach mission fbm.html(4824/5704) mostly done, for now summer 96
Index of John's Religion directory index.html(1321/2052) not known ?
John's religious links links.html(7333/8170) stagnated somewhat 94?
What I desire is mercy, not sacrifice mercy-not-sacrifice.html(2419/3242) sketchy 96, from an earlier idea
Making a new Rule new-rule.html(19384/20497) not known ?
John's religious organizations organizations.html(1441/2233) update as needed 94? 95?
John's prayer page prayer.html(9189/10121) incomplete 94? 95?
A selection from the Book of Proverbs proverbs.html(8834/9956) not known ?
QUICUNQUE VULT, Commonly called the Creed of Saint Athanasius quicunque-vult.html(4190/5126) not known ?
John's Christianity Page religion.html(5607/6467) not known ?
Returning and rest returning-rest.html(3812/4582) could do with some more 95?
Some sayings sayings.html(627/1334) not known ?
Status table for my religious pages status-table.html(7379/9654) not known ?
Being a Franciscan Tertiary tertiary.html(3742/4529) enough for now, more would be nice 94? 95?
John's Testimony testimony.html(2035/2776) could add more detail spring 96?
My views on some issues, at a glance views.html(1218/1966) could be extended summer 96
Vocation and Charism vocation-charism.html(7733/8580) incomplete 95?
I used to go to St. Bene't's ... was-at-Benets.html(955/1677) not known ?
What is prayer, and what use is prayer? what-is-prayer.html(9586/10521) complete for now, could add some more? 93?
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