My everyday encumbrances

I made this list, relevant to simplicity, when planning a prospective move to a narrowboat. (This was cancelled in favour of emigration to Ireland!) See also The basics for a more abstract list.

This is basically a personal list that I have put in my web site because that is where I am least likely to lose it! But it is also the sort of thing that might be useful to other people doing similar things.

Core possessions and equipment

and bedding
and associated equipment
Can be fairly basic; gas or solid fuel
Washing facilities
Probably sink and shower
Could be electric, but oil lamps and candles will do
Basic tools
Spanners, screwdrivers, hacksaws etc.
Basic books
and perhaps an icon


I could do without this (dried food only) but it would be better with it.
Some books
I have a lot of books that I either bought, or inherited from my Dad, that I intend to read sometime. However, I should not allow this to detract from time spent being creative or meditative.
Further tools
Tinkering with things is very much part of me.
This belongs in the workshop, not the living room, I have decided. It must not be allowed to take over my life!
Pillar drill
Like the computer, this is something to use for specific tasks.
Mobile phone
Like the computer, this must not be allowed to take control.
Exercise equipment
in some sense this may be a luxury, but I but I do want to get my health back up to scratch. Getting a recumbent trike will be best for the legs and cardiovascular system, but I do also need some systematic form of exercise for my upper body.

Things to keep somewhere

Photo albums
A major nostalgia item
Further books
John C. G. Sturdy
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