John's Study

I'm continually aiming to learn more things... in computer science, philosophy, theology, mathematics and linguistics in particular.

My postgraduate study

My PhD was in the theory and practice of reflective programming language interpreters, and I retain a considerable interest in that area. Also branching off from my thesis research, I'm interested in transfinite numbers and the grounding of interpretation, and am more generally trying to improve my mathematical background retroactively.

Language study

I also like to study natural languages.

Practical learning

As well as studying subjects, I aim also to pick up new practical and physical skills. For example, in 1994 I did a course on driving articulated trucks (but failed the test), and in 2003 successfully learnt to drive rigid trucks.

I've now been on a course, and hope to get more practice sometime, on dinghy sailing.

Another outdoor practical skill that I've never learnt, but would like to sometime, is horse-riding. Actually, I'm not too particular about the animal -- horses make me nervous anyway, so why not go straight on to camels? -- but some form of largish animal riding, anyway. Going shopping on a yak would be a neat way of getting round Cambridge's bike ban area. (Camels are, it is said, positively charming compared to yaks.)

From time to time I have a go at juggling for which I don't yet have the co-ordination -- my co-ordination has never been very good for many things, and I keep meaning to try to improve it.

I've never successfully learnt to knit (we were taught, in principle, at school) so I might give that a go sometime, but it might not be good for my RSI.

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John C. G. Sturdy
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