Emacs ringing system

This directory contains a change-ringing software system I'm writing in emacs-lisp. It's a work in progress (over lunchtimes etc -- I do try to deal with bug reports and change suggestions when I get the chance); so far, it will

Also, since the program is provided in source form and its functions are commented, you can use it in your own programs.

To fetch a copy, see the downloading section of this document.


Current status

Significant changes (since version 1.08) are listed in the changes page, and known bugs on the bugs page. Features I hope to add are on the wishlist page.

I haven't announced the system widely, as there are some features I'd like to get in before doing so. But do feel welcome to use it already, if you find it.


For convenient download, here is a gzipped tar file of the code.

To unpack it, use the Unix command gunzip emacs-ringing.tar.gz to decompress it, and then tar xf emacs-ringing.tar or equivalent to which will create the .el files (and others) in the current directory.

You'll normally also need the microSiRiL method libraries; see the section of the document on using microSiRiL libraries for whence to get them and whither to put them.

Having unpacked the files, load ringing.el, either with M-x load-file ringing.el or by adding (load-file "~/my-ringing/ringing.el") where ~/my-ringing is whatever directory you have unpacked the code into, to your ~/.emacs file. (You will either need to execute this with M-C-x or by typing M-x load-file ringing.el, until you next re-start your emacs.)

For speed, you can prepare a byte-compiled version of the system, by typing M-x ringing:compile-system.

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